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ArtificialIntelArtificial Intelligence
Can you bring order to the information chaos?
BioinformaticsBioinformatics and Systems Biology
Solve biological questions using quantitative descriptions of biological behaviour, structure and evolution.
BusinessMathematicsInformaticsBusiness Analytics
How can you shorten hospital waiting lists?
Develop real-world applications for today and tomorrow.
ComputerScienceComputational Science (admission via University of Amsterdam)
Would you like to confront a tornado in virtual reality and predict its intentions?
ComputerScienceComputer Science
From computer science theory to practical experience with the latest hardware and software.
DrugDiscoveryDrug Discovery and Safety
Challenging, relevant, multidisciplinary, excellent research, small-scale and personal.
Information-scienceInformation Sciences
Your Digital Future: Learn the Technologies of Tomorrow Now.
Mathematics: the language of science.
Medical-natural-sciencesMedical Natural Sciences
Explore a unique research combination of medical & clinical physics and clinical chemistry.
ParallelDistributedComputerSystemsParallel Distributed Computer Systems
Information and Networks. Anywhere, any place, any time.
PhysicsPhysics and Astronomy
Join the cutting edge of research, from life sciences to lasers, from energy to particle and astroparticle physics.
scienceBusinessInnoScience, Business & Innovation: Master's track in Chemistry and Physics
Think big. Turn ideas into reality. Turn innovations into succesful products.
StochasticsFinancialMathematicsStochastics & Financial Mathematics
Understand and model uncertainty with mathematical tools.
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