I am working at Paola Gori-Giorgi's group at the Department of Theoretical Chemistry of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. My research is founded by a Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship (see Press Release  and MSCA-OTmeetsDFT page)

Collaborators and friends: As many of us, I am learning how to work remotely and following statistics and scientific articles regarding the SARS-CoV-2. Please do reach me if you want to discuss, share literature and support each other during these challenging times.

I did my Ph.D. degree at Università di Pisa under the supervision of Prof. Giuseppe Buttazzo

Recent Activities & News:

- Our paper Learning normalizing flows from Entropy-Kantorovich potentials has been accepted for a contributed talk (oral) at the 2020 ICML workshop (July 12-18) on Invertible Neural Networks, Normalizing Flows, and Explicit Likelihood Models .

- I am keeping my fingers crossed to be able to attend the Geometry and Learning Conference, organized by IPAM (Los Angeles) in December 13-18.

- In 4th-8th May, I attended the online Workshop Optimal transport and applications to machine learning and statistics, at MSRI, Berkeley.

- From March to June, I traveled to Los Angeles to take part of the (now online) program High Dimensional Hamilton-Jacobi PDEs, at IPAM.

- [Postponed for next year] In May, I am attending the SIAM Conference on Materials Science in Bilbao, Spain. I am giving a talk at the mini-symposium "Numerical Methods for electronic structure calculations" organized by Gero Friesecke and Benjamin Stamm.

- From 23th to 27th February, Mircea Petrache was visiting the Theoretical Chemistry Department at the VU and working with me.

- In February-March, I am teaching the BSc course Mathematical Methods in Quantum Chemistry at VU.

- 12th February: I gave a talk at the CASA Colloquia of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e).

- 3rd-7th February: I gave a talk and celebrated the 30th aniversary of the Convegno Nazionale di Calcolo delle Variazioni at Levico Terme.

- In the last week of January, Flavien Léger was visiting the Theoretical Chemistry Department at the VU and working with me.

- In 14th November, I gave a talk at the Applied Mathematics Seminar, at Utrecht University.

- In 26th September I was visiting Banff to work with Mircea Petrache (PUC Chile).

- I gave a short talk at the school Mathematical and Computational Aspects of Machine Learning, 7th-11th October, Centro De Giorgi, Pisa.

- I gave a talk at the General Mathematics Colloquium at the VU at 11th September.

- In the last years, I taught the course Topics in Mathematics of Data Sciences and a Ph.D. course on Density Functional Theory and Optimal Transport.

- I have co-organized the Workshop Optimal Transport meets Density Functional Theory (2017).